Crop Video - Cut Videos Editor To Trim & Split Vid App Reviews

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Won’t work because of crashing

I bought the $3.99 version and I can’t even crop the video. It simply crashes and I get nothing. Please fix.

Awsome app

I like this app and it's free most app charge you a month


Really really awsome!


Super helpful!!!! Thank you


Had to delete this app and download a whole new one even though this was my favorite. Besides it constantly crashing... now I can’t even upload videos into the app. I’m greeted to a completely blank screen where it should be showing me videos to chose from one my phone to upload. Even ended up buying the non ad version because I thought that would restore the app in order to allow me to upload videos again. WRONG. You guys need to fix this.


when I first got this app I thought i would have to pay for the things I use this for and surprisingly I don’t it lets Me crop videos and pictures even for Instagram this is just amazing I love this app keep up the great work!

Kinda disappointed

Im really disappointed that one of my vids wont crop only shows black or half a video i hope they fix it as fast as possible...

Awesome! But one thing.

I’m just keeping this thing brief, Okay. When I crop my videos it glitches out and then the video is just a black screen. I’ll rate it 5 stars when this is fixed.


It is really fast no bugs or anything just great and PERFECT 👌🏾



I would like you to crop any video

It’s a great app but I don’t like that I can’t edit all of my videos just because there less than 5 seconds long


this is cool bro👌🏻 i generally don’t like leaving reviews because it’s dumb BUT this app has earned it smh. Do you know how many bts videos i’ve saved because of this???? how many times i have seokjin lauging or jUNGKOOK LIFTING HIS SHIRT??? all thanks to this app. I love u bb

Almost good

I would give 5 stars but it won’t let you cut to shorter than 5 seconds. If I can’t do that then the entire app is useless for me.


Would give five stars but the app keeps crashing


I use this for YouTube and it is just a really great app so 5 star from me!


How unfortunate that the app wasn’t able to do exactly what it seems it was designed to do, I kept trying to crop a video and it kept cropping outside the deminsions I set, what a drag. Use Video Crop app instead

Good app

This is one of the only apps that doesn’t have a watermark! Overall good app. Has a feature where you can crop it to fit Instagram


i needed it to do one job & i couldn't soooo

The best

Very simple & friendly UI. I use this app a lot, & anyone can use it. It’s very simple, yet powerful. I’m glad I found this app. Thanks.

Love it

This app is everything my dudes, I love it I use it to edit and it’s amazing!

Pro version waste of money

I upgraded so I could add a track I downloaded to my video. Well, turns out the upgrade seems a false promise. If it's not one of their 20 mediocre stock tracks, it has to be purchased on I-Tunes. Disappointing. I want my $2.99 back!!


Yes... Just Yess

You guys rock with this app!!!

Love it love it love it!


Good for stealing memes. Works fine. Slow UI though, and the ads are forced down your throat like a bbc in a gang bang. Other than that pretty good and pretty useful.



Easy to use


Am I doing something wrong?

Pretty good but when you actually crop a video all the image disappears and plays the audio on a black screen


Super easy and user friendly.

Worked great

No complaints here

downloaded this for a single function that it refuses to do properly

got this app because it was the only one i could find that could crop a video as if it was a photo. not only does it only allow me to use videos I’d only saved that very day, but whenever I crop a video it adds weird black lines on the right (and now bottom) sides. every other function can be easily done by a better app.

It Works only in messenger

Update: saved to photos and it will only play a few frames. Wanted to send edited video via WeChat, but sadly cannot. Tried all of the top apps, and most of them do not work, or are too frustrating to figure out. One, Go Pro, saves edited video to the cloud where everybody can see it. I may not want to share with everybody. Also, friends in China may not be able to access. This app does what I want, trims and saves. Btw, to save I had to message myself, and then save from message.


Work perfect and easy simple fw it

Amazing app!!

This app is totally amazing, the price is absolutly worth it, it is just awesome. My friend, try this app and you will never regret it. Great job, developers!!!. Great job!!


finally i found an app that can CROP the video as in change the size of it not the length of the video


Exactly as advertised. So useful for cropping and trimming videos.

One time thing?

I was only able to edit and import only one video. All I see now when I open the app is the settings and cart on the top left and an ad on the bottom. No option to edit videos


awesome application


This App has really been a helping hand for me no problems at all, ‼️


The app is easy and actually works well. Nothing too complicated, just gives you exactly what you asked for. Of course, there could be minor improvements. For me if a video was too long, the app would crash. If the video is too short, the app wouldn’t let me use it. But overall this app is outstanding and works greatly. I recommend it to everyone.

Thousandth review lel good app m8


Loved it up until

I loved this app so much I paid for the music option- $3! But it doesn’t let you adjust the volume of the track you add!!! This is such an easy fix and should have been included.

No sound

It cut sound out at a few seconds, tried it again and there was no sound at all.

Awesome but ...

One of the amazing app I’ve ever used, simple and clean, but it lags with me every time when I opened it also when i trim a video then i wanna back to the project after i press back button it hangs for few seconds, I’m using iPhone 8 and it should be faster than this, i do test other apps such as iMovie and others i did not found any issue with them, but I prefer using this app cause it does what i need.

It’s perfect

This app comes through for me every time ! Don’t use any other app for cropping!


This app is so useful as an editor. It’s free. It allows me to crop the video in any way that I please. I’m able to cut out parts I don’t want, maybe just wanting one part of a song and bam, easy as that literally tells you how to do everything too. Highly suggest.


My favorite app for cropping videos

Don’t waste your time.

This app is terrible. My videos just come out as a black screen with sound! No actual video, just audio. Fix this please.


Very good

Very Good app

Works well easy to use

The best


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