Crop Video - Cut Videos Editor To Trim & Split Vid App Reviews

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doesn’t work

Only allows you to edit photos taken that day. Every time I actually go to crop a video, the output is just a black screen. The sound of the original video plays but there is no footage to be seen. Kind of like you cropped it out of existence.


I highly recommend this app if you want to quickly trip or crop videos. It is perfect for cropping and trimming screen recorded videos.


Thebest app

Needs to be able to view videos in iCloud library.

The app is great otherwise, but lack of this feature severely limits its use sadly.


No pop up ads and it do exactly what i want

Gallery Issue

The app only loads a tiny, select few of the videos on my device.

This... this is beautiful

I use this for Instagram vids all the time if I wanna repost them on my account :3

Use it all the time!

I really love this app and I’ve recently bought the premium for videos longer than 15 minutes. Really easy to use and just what I needed! The only problem is that the app keeps crashing if the video is longer than 15 minutes...please fix this!!!


I only just used it but the last two apps I used crashed but this one allowed me to fit on instagram how I needed it and did it super fast.

Good with one problem

I think this app is wonderful and useful. But I do have one complaint. When I go to crop my video, I then export it to m camera roll. All of that works fine, but it’s cropping is weird. It gives me two black screens over the top and bottom of the video. It’s not a big deal it’s just a little hit bothering.😊


I’ve been looking everywhere for an app to CROP videos !! One suggestions I’ll make is that we should at least have a button that says “add text” but great app

Only showed one video.

Only showed one video to edit in my gallery.


I like 10++++ I buy premium version


I tried cropping and when I was done the whole screen was black! Please comment back how to fix this

Just one (minor) issue

Only downfall I’ve found with this app is that I have trouble doing any type of editing with videos screen-recorded on other iPhones. Aside from that I’d give it a 6/5 if possible!

Absolutely Ridiculous

I want to crop out the top of my video right? No matter where I choose to crop it decides that that is the only part of the video that is going to be left no matter where I choose the crop.

Best App Ever!!!

This is the best video app ever! I totally recommend! I only use this app for cropping videos but it gives you unlimited time to edit as many videos as you want if that makes any sense. It gives some adds but not that big of a problem. I 10000000% recommend this app!! +it’s free too!


Why is this app so good lol u shouldn’t def get it it is the bestttt

ZERO STARS!! Not able to make video into square for insta post!!

Ever time I crop my video into a square it chops the video in half rendering unusable. Really frustrating and bad. This started happening about three months ago after their updates. The app is useless now.

The “ONE”

Delete the other editing apps this is the real deal

Couldn’t give a zero

App never launched. Each time that I attempted to open add a 30 sec video the app shut down


Bruh. Best app for video cropping and cutting. If you a meme page admin get this ASAP 👏🏻


This app only lets me do the videos from today. I’m not happy with this app. All the reviews are 5 stars though. I don’t get it.



Awesome App Great For Memes



This app isn’t good when I save videos they go black 🤦🏻‍♀️

Does exactly what it says and it’s FREE

I never write reviews because this app actually deserves this review freakin clutch. Thank you

Easy and Quick

I love that I can edit my videos and regardless of how many times I do it, it’s free. I love this app so much and it is so easy. It’s wayyy better than my other apps.❤️

It’s bad :(

When I crop videos and I finish and I press done gives me only gives me half of the photo and keeps doing this >:(

Pretty good

This is a really good app to crop videos out and this is going to help me on my editing skills make sure you check out this awesome app I’m so glad I got the right one last time I didn’t

Don’t download.

Only The first video I cropped was good. The app showed it’s true colors soon after it. The quality reduced drastically , frame rate was crap

Review that Im writing

So yeah it's pretty okay


I have been using this app for months. It's the best video editor on the market.

Great but doesn’t always work

I like to use this app, but it’s like catching a moody person on a good day (or bad). Sometimes cropped videos turn out black. More often than not, actually. It’s a pain. But, when it works I like it! As a free option, go for it.

Editing problems

So I’m trying to edit a video for my friend it just kicks me off the app before I finish it and honestly it’s taking me forever so I’m a bit mad at this

The best

The best app ever, works really good and helps me a lot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I love this app it works and stuff good good

What a letdown😪

Said i had to get premium to esit my more than 15min video. And I dont like wasting money on stuff like that. Need to work on stuff like that.😐

10 of out of 10

Really good app to crop videos

Heck of an app

Perfect job


this app is actually really good if you want to crop something out that shouldn't be there or if you want to trim something. also it doesn't have any limits so you can crop as many times as you want

Love it

Omg so easy to use can’t find many apps like this one five stars

“Please buy premium to edit videos”

Ha! Yeah right! This app is a money grabbing piece of trash!

It doesn't work

I wouldn't recommend seeing as the app doesn't work. Everytime I try to crop a video, the whole thing goes black. I hope this bugs gets fixed.


Every time I try to save the video the app crashes what a waste of money.

I love it❤️

This app is surprisingly good! I use it for all of my video editing needs! I love it❤️!

Exactly what I was looking for!

Great easy app to trim videos and crop them!

No watermark!!!

Good app. Does what it’s supposed to, nothing fancy. Best part is no watermark like the other apps!!!


Does what it’s supposed to do but in a VERY convenient way! 👍🏽

No video after cropping

Tried to crop a video and the image went away, sound was still there but no image.

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